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helicopter ball drop

Extended Hands Food Bank Special Event: Helicopter Ball Drop

Eagle Mountain Golf Club had an event scheduled for Tuesday, September 7, 2010 for a 124 player shotgun tournament. The event eventually was canceled at the last minute due to the severe illness of the Tournament Planner for Extended Hands Food Bank (located in Fountain Hills, AZ). We wish him well; luckily he managed to sell quite a few golf balls before the event was canceled.

For those of you not familiar with a Helicopter Ball Drop, Eagle Mountain often hosts them for charity events. The ball drop can be arranged for any tournament or group. The purpose is to generate additional funds that can not only subsidize the cost of the event, but generate a lot of additional dollars for the charity. A helicopter will travel to the course on the day of your event and drop numbered golf balls onto a green. The numbered ball that lands in or closest to the cup wins the cash prize. Revenue is generated by selling the numbered golf balls. Those who choose to participate can purchase as many numbers as they would like. The golf balls are sold for $10.00-$20.00 each. You can make the amount of the prize any dollar amount, but $1,000.00 is pretty typical. If you sell 500 golf balls that is $5,000.00 of revenue generated. There are some costs involved, such as the helicopter and the cash prize award. The helicopter used to drop the golf balls at Eagle Mountain costs $750.00, then you add your cash prize amount of $1,000.00 and your total expenses are $1,750.00. It's an easy & unique way to make $3,250.00 for your charity or event.

Despite the absence of the tournament and its planner, Eagle Mountain Golf Club, Extended Hands Food Bank and AZ Helicopter Services decided to host the ball drop. They sold about 280 golf balls at $10.00 a piece and were determined to make some money for the food bank no matter how large or small that sum of money was. The Helicopter Ball Drop took place at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 with only around 10 people in attendance. Ball number 251, Mr. Pat Gallagher from Minnesota was the $1,000.00 cash prize winner. Shortly after the winner was determined, he was notified by phone that he just won a $1,000.00. Mr. Gallagher was generous enough to donate all $1,000.00 back to the food bank. Also, the helicopter pilot notified David Iverson of Extended Hands Food Bank that he would reduce the helicopter fee. It was a great day at Eagle Mountain!

Eagle Mountain would like to thank David Iverson of the Extended Hands Food Bank, Barry from AZ Helicopter Services and Mr. Pat Gallagher for his generous donation. If you have any questions about a Helicopter Ball Drop or the Extended Hands Food Bank, please contact Matt Pfeifle, Tournament Director at Eagle Mountain Golf Club at For information about the Helicopter Ball Drop or the Extended Hands Food Bank, call (480) 816-0422, ext. 7, or